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Georgia. Updated: Regime of cargo transportation in terms of COVID19 pandemics as of 3 April 2020


In accordance with measures for the prevention of spread COVID-19, freight transportation by road, rail, air and sea and its import/export/transit procedures on the territory of Georgia shell be carried out with the following conditions.

Institutional arrangement

The Interagency Coordination Council continues to hold regular meetings under the leadership of the prime minister in order to take coordinated steps taking into account the current situation in the country and global trends. 

The Interagency Coordination working group at the level of Deputy Minister, Director Generals, heads of departments give opportunity to coordinate promptly, and in a harmonized way the implementation measures of all adopted regulations due to Covid19 pandemic. 

Import/export/transit procedures
Road, railway, air and marine cargo international movement related customs formalities are being conducted without any restriction while applying hygiene checks on drivers/ personnel conducting the freight transportation on the borders. 
Border Crossing via land border crossing point:
For individuals and passengers only the following land border crossing points are opened (this does not apply to cargo movement!):
• TURKEY - Sarpi, (open hours 10:00-18:00)
• AZERBAIJAN - Tsiteli Khidi (open hours 10:00-18:00)
• RUSSIA - Kazbegi (open hours 10:00-18:00)
• ARMENIA - Sadakhlo (open hours 10:00-18:00)
Cargo movement is available via all (included but not limited via above-mentioned) land/air/marine border crossing points for 24/7.

 Hygiene checks of drivers conducting at the borders
- In accordance with the International Health Regulations, the driver will be screened at the border and if the symptoms of influenza/fever are confirmed at the entry customs crossing point entrance will be denied. Georgian citizens have permission for entering into Georgia and the driver will be the subject to quarantine.
- In this case the cargo may enter the territory of Georgia if:
1) the driver is changed by another driver from a non-risky country. The initial driver should return; and
 - the means of transport should be fumigated/sanitized; or
 - If it is possible but not mandatory to change the truck by another truck from a non-risky country. Of course, the trailer should be fumigated/sanitized and the initial truck should be returned.
2) Transport means might be moved to the nearest customs control zone and cargo trans loaded to another means of transport.
 -     it is highly recommended that the driver/personnel should wear a protective mask during interaction with customs officers.

Movement of freight vehicles moving from foreign countries to the territory of Georgia shall be performed under the following conditions: Freight vehicles registered in a foreign country shall move through the territory of Georgia under the following conditions: 

-  After completing the procedures at the customs checkpoint, means of transport shall move non-stop to a final destination. Stopping is allowed only at specially designated areas - STOP POINTs, places for purchasing compulsory civil liability insurance policy (https://www.tpl.ge/en/salespoints), and parking lots located in the vicinity of customs checkpoint; 

-  Specially designated STOP POINT areas will serve for trucks for refueling, paying the road fee, compulsory civil liability insurance policy of the owner of a motor vehicle registered in foreign countries. Availability to purchase personal necessities, food, WC and etc.

-  In case of emergencies/ special needs (car accident, health problems, etc.), the driver should contact the relevant services and should remain in the cabin of the truck until  the representatives of those services get to the driver. For these purposes the driver shall call the Emergency and Operative Response Center at 112;

-  The truck should leave the territory of Georgia: 
  -- In case of transit movement (except for the movements from/to customs check point "Kazbegi" ) transport means  shall leave the territory of Georgia within 24 hours from entering the country; 
  -- In other case (including the import movement and transit case of entering/leaving via customs checkpoint "Kazbegi" within 48 hours.The time periods required for carrying out the customs formalities and stopping at parking lots located in the vicinity of Georgian State Customs Border Crossing Point shall not be counted.

-  It is strongly recommended to make only non-cash payment (online purchase, plastic card, etc.) and to use the personal protective equipment (medical mask, gloves, etc).

 STOP POINT located at:

• Urbnisi– Kareli districts, cadastral code:;
• Terjola– Trejola district, village Siktarva, cadastral code :;
• Gori – Gori district, village Tiniskhidi, cadastral code:;
• Zestaponi – Zestapoini district, village Argveta, cadastral code:

The Government of Georgia has set up a website to inform the public about the coronavirus. The website contains information on all measures taken by the Government of Georgia, as well the information disseminated by the World Health Organization. In addition, at StopCov.ge statistical information on number of cases in Georgia and all over the world as well the recommendations on prevention of the spread of the virus is available.

It should be noted, that Georgia declared the state of emergency starting 21 March till 21 April in connection with the pandemic situation over the novel coronavirus in the country. International air, land and sea transport services for transportation of passengers shall be suspended for the duration of the state of emergency. The period of validity of these Orders is until the 21 April.

Useful links:
www.stropcov.ge - Prevention of the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Georgia




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