Members of maritime administration and ports attended the workshop on maritime security

The event was held with support from National Secretariat of TRACECA Intergovernmental Commission.
The workshop was attended by representatives from Ministry of Transport & Communications, National Secretariat of TRACECA Intergovernmental Commission in Kazakhstan, Maritime Transport Businessmen Association, and Aktau International Commercial Seaport JSC.
It was told to participants about implementing in Kazakhstan the unified international provisions on protection of ships and port facilities of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and European Union. Specifically, the requirements contained in Chapter ХI-2 of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 74/78)  and International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS Code, 2002), were considered and discussed, as well as European Commission directives governing the sea security.
It should be noted that the workshop moderator was one of the lead experts of TRACECA’s “Marine Safety and Security II” Project, Captain Bertrand Apperry, the trainer for marine and offshore industry.
In conclusion of the event, attendees agreed to conduct the seminar on training the specialists in charge of maritime security in October this year.