Aktau Port - the sea-gate of the sovereign Kazakhstan

At present time the Aktau Port is the modern multipurpose terminal, having the technological resources, which provide future development of the port, as follows:


  • Availability of extensive areas (over 50000 m2 of open areas and covered transit storehouse - 6000 m2), enabling to safely store any goods and materials, including heavyweight goods, and providing effective management for containers park, which is a key link in the modern port operation. 
  •  Reconstruction has provided the port with three multifunctional berths for handling of general and bulked cargoes, one berth for grain export and heavy goods handling and service «PO-PO» type vessels, with total length of new berths - 550 м and possibility of four vessels simultaneous handling.
  • Ferry complex, enabling to process any wagons for the special-purpose ferries. 
  • Four oil-loading terminals, which enable to provide handling of 4 tankers with 12 000 tons of displacement.
  • The Aktau port has renewed the equipment that provides with possibility to operate using all types of general and bulked cargos and cargos in containers.
  • The port has the characteristics in terms of vessel draft as follows:
    Permissible vessel draft in vessel channel is - 6
    Permissible vessel draft to oil berths (4,5) - 6
    Permissible vessel draft to oil berths (9,10) - 7
    Permissible vessel draft to dry cargo berths (1,2,3)- 6,7
    Permissible vessel draft to ferryboat passage (8th berth) - 5,3

Basic market participants are big companies, enterprises and integrated plants. The port’s activity is oriented to implementation of complex analysis of given organizations operations and monitoring of freights traffic, both export-import oriented and transit goods.

Due to its advantageous geographical situation, Kazakhstan, like in the times of «Silk road», continues to serve the shipping ways from North to South and from West to East, thereby interconnecting the economically prospective regions with purpose of trade relations development. The Aktau Port is a main part of shipping sea ways Europe-Asia, going through the Caspian and thy Black seas, Volga, Volga-Don and Belomor-Baltick channels as well as in the direction of Iran. Also, has been involved a route of the project TRASEKA passing through the ports Aktau – Baku (Azerbaidjan) – Poti (Georgia).

At determining of transport routes for transit goods shipment via territory of the Republic, there are the following management principles : 

  • Transport-geographical attractiveness;
  • Availability of transport infrastructure providing unhampered flow of cargos traffic;
  • Providing a biggest economic benefits for the State;
  • Providing a maximum great demand for national transport infrastructure and the state regions in whole;
  • Political and geopolitical factors. Development of the following strategic orientations in the Aktau Port activity stands for a significant role in the transport corridors system:
    - prognosis evaluations of specialists testify that container traffic in the direction of Europe-Asia-Europe will be focused on the transoceanic route. Major shippers will be concentrated on shipment by sea. In its turn development of container terminal in the Aktau Port offers a colossal challenge for attraction of new cargos traffic from Europe in transit through Azerbaidzhan and Georgia, from UAE in transit through Iran, as well as cargos coming from China and South-East Asia in transit through the Republic of Kazakhstan to Europe countries.
    - Kazakhstan is a producer and exporter of significant amount of a high quality grain, major part of which grows in the north of the country. The annual export of grain varies from 3 to 5 million tons. Capacity of the operating in the territory of the port grain terminal «
    Ак-Bidai Terminal» LLP 600 000 tons a year.
    - complete repair of the ferry complex enabled to increase overall volume and create a greater variety of handled cargos together with actual passenger and transport traffic, provided by ferry line Aktau – Baku – Noushekhr. With a view to realize agreements, achieved in the course of the talks of the Mangystau and Astrakhan regional administrations, the Aktau port works out a project of Astrakhan - Aktau ferry line opening. The auto-ferry line Aktau – Olya – Aktau has come into operation from May 29 of 2002.

In perspective, the ocean shipping market will be developed in the following directions :

- Iran direction - direct water traffic with export-import cargos to the Islamic Iran Republic and in transit to Gulf States;
- Russian direction – direct water traffic with ports of the Russian Federation, Caspian (Makhachkala, Astrakhan, Olya) and Azov basins with export-import cargos to the Russian Federation, is defined by existing relations in the range of oil transport, perspective of trade development between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, using the Russian transitional potential, perspective of passenger traffic development. As to the port’s infrastructure development it is necessary to note a program of the Russian ports development in the Caspian – Azov basins.
- Black and Mediterranian basins (direct water traffic over Volga-Don channel, mixed railway-overseas traffic Aktau -Baku - Batumi with export-import cargos to the Transcaucasus countries and in transit to the Black and Mediterranian basins);
- North direction (direct water traffic over Volga-Baltic channel with export-import (transit) goods to the Baltic countries);
- Iran direction is marked by the existing advanced international trade of the Islamic Republic of Iran with CIS countries, relative ports development, existing ferry line Aktau-Baku-Noushahr.

Black - Mediterranean and North directions are characterized by passage of river channel with limited navigation season, necessity for passage through locks, increase of time of cargos delivery. The intermediate handling operations and reliance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a number of transit states upon goods delivery to the world sales market are missing.

Performed statistic analysis confirms a stabilization of arrivals of the rolled metal products volumes, amounting to 92% of all general freights in the direction of the Aktau port and predetermines for their further increase.

The advanced information network, introduction of a new computer technology and software in the Aktau Port create necessary conditions for control over the loading unloading processes, search for freights, orders placement by the automatic complexes. The process of shipping and accompanying documentation issuance is fully-automatic, and this enables to cut time for vessels documentary handling in the port.

The port cooperates with the scientific-research institutes in the field of developments and further perfection of vessels handling production process.

RSE «AISCP» administration makes arrangements on consolidation and further perfection of management using international standards, studies and adopts organization models, based on experience of the leading west companies.

All components of the Aktau International Sea Commercial Port production system are aimed at arrangement of attractive conditions for potential consumers of its services.