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On September 02, 2021, during the Second Meeting of the Working Group, discussions were held on proposals for existing TRACECA Permit System


The participants of the Working Group from Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine considered the proposals received from member countries of the TRACECA Permit System.

WG permits session 6

The Agenda brought together an exchange of views on practical issues of application of TRACECA multilateral permits for transportation between the member countries of the System, as well as problems arising during border crossing with the use of permits, and solutions, etc.

The participants of the Meeting considered provisions of the Technical Document                   "TRACECA Multilateral Permit. User Guide" in detail and questions submitted. The member countries of the TRACECA Permit System also discussed the possibility of increasing the quota of permits and shared their vision for further measures in this direction.

On the outcomes of receiving the opinions of all countries of the Permit System, the Permanent Secretariat will prepare a single final document.

Mr. Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA stressed that a unified approach and countries’ understanding are very important, which in its turn will create a favourable basis for further work.  
It should be noted that on October 07, 2020, representatives of Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine held the First Meeting of the Working Group, where the countries exchanged views on the conceptual approach to digitalization of existing TRACECA Permit System.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA