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On February 23, 2021, discussions were held between Mr. A. Assavbayev, TRACECA Secretary General and Mr. Dimitar Savov, National Secretary of TRACECA in Bulgaria via videoconferencing


During the meeting, the plans scheduled for 2021, in particular, the upcoming 15th Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) TRACECA were discussed.

Meeting with BG pic

Taking into account the transition of the Chairmanship of the IGC TRACECA in 2021 to the Republic of Bulgaria rotation alphabetical order, TRACECA Secretary General informed that the Permanent Secretariat is actively preparing for the 15th IGC Meeting.

"The Agenda with all finalized draft documents taking into account comments and agreements reached with the TRACECA countries, will be ready by the date of the IGC, which will ensure the substantive content of the event. For this purpose, it is planned to hold two regular meetings of the Permanent Secretariat before the IGC via videoconferencing -in March and May of 2021" – Mr. A. Assavbayev, Secretary General noted.

The participants of the meeting noted that it would be appropriate to continue discussions on the details of the upcoming 15th IGC Meeting in April 2021.

On the other issues of the Agenda, the Bulgarian Party will be ready to hold consultations at the working level after conducting related consultations with the responsible authorities.

It should be reminded that from December 6, 2019, the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Chairman of the IGC TRACECA.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA