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Romania: Regime of cargo transportation in terms of COVID-19* pandemic as of 25 March 2020


*Source: Overview of border measures adopted by EU Member States - COVID-19 prepared by EUROPEAN COMMISSION /DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR MIGRATION AND HOME AFFAIRS Directorate B: Borders, Interoperability and Innovation, Unit B.1: Borders and Schengen




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA

I. Transport of goods and services, e.g. creation of green lines for lorriesAll flights to/from Spain suspended 

All flights to/from Italy suspended 

All flights to/from France and Italy suspended for 14 days.  - 

Exceptions: state airplanes, cargo, mail, humanitarian and emergency services flights and technical non-commercial landings
Adoption of special measures related to the interaction of the representatives of public authorities with the truck drivers who are entering RO from the `red` or `yellow` regions.In applying the Commission’s recommendations from the recent Communication, Hungary and Romania decided to supplement with three more border crossing points (Borș, Cenad, Nădlac 1) the facilities to cross the common border for transport of goods and people (especially cross-border workers) in order to ensure fluidity of the traffic, especially in the context of the corridors for transit.The Military Ordinance 2/21 March 2020 does not hinder transport of goods and services.

An interactive map of transit routes in Romania is available for all road haulage operators in the EU or Non-EU Member States at: 

It offers information on the green lanes, gas stations and parkings for transiting Romania.

The map of the green lanes for freight is available at http://mt.ro/web14/spatiul-media/comunicate-de-presa/2881-23032020.
18 March 2020- 1 April 2020 (for flight of Spain)

9 March 2020-6 April 2020 (for flights of Italy)

25 March 2020 (23h00) - for flights of France 

20 March 2020


II. Supply of goodsTemporary export suspension of medicine and sanitary materials needed for the prevention and treatment of the illnesses associated with SARS-CoV-2 (through Order of the Minister of Health). On March the 15th, the Romanian authorities decided to allow the export of medicine only to the Republic of Moldova, following a request received through diplomatic channels.

Measures taken at the border in order to prevent shipment of medical masks, medical protection gear on Cluj-Napoca airport.

No export restrictions for parts and subparts for medical equipment made in Romania for destinations outside Romania.
13 March- 15 March 2020
III. Health-related measures

Emergency situation declared for the whole territory of Romania
Personnel present to screen passengers coming from risk areas.

Information posters displayed and leaflets handed out at the BCPs.

A toll-free number for public set up (0800800358), in addition to a dedicated phone line with information for the Romanians abroad (+4021.320.20.20).

Home-isolation at the address declared upon entrance to RO for a period of 14 days for all persons arriving in RO from countries where at least 500 confirmed cases have been reported. This particular measure is applicable only to persons without any symptoms at entry.

Persons in home-isolation who develop symptoms associated with the coronavirus SAR-CoV-2 during the 14 days will remain in isolation and are asked to contact the national emergency number 112. - - ----

Medical personnel will collect biological samples and will decide adequate specific measures.

All persons arriving to RO from areas/countries under quarantine placed under quarantine. The updated list of areas/countries under quarantine can be found on the website of the National Centre for Oversight and Control of Transmissible Diseases https://www.cnscbt.ro/index.php/1440-lista-zonelor-cu-transmitere-comunitara-extinsa-si-a-altor-zone-afectate-de-covid/file.

Reallocation of resources of the Border Police from the entry points with less traffic to the entry points with a higher traffic flow. 

Link to the interactive map of the Border Police for updated information on the activity of the crossing points: https://www.politiadefrontiera.ro/ro/traficonline/?vt=2&dt=1

Adoption of special prevention measures related to the interaction with the persons who are in isolation of the representatives of the Romanian Post Office, some utilities companies (water, gas, electricity, TV, telecom).

Disinfectant devices / containers for teguments made available

Individual equipment and protective materials for staff working in risk sectors (airport sectors/points, border crossing points and staff with direct contact with public and illegal border crossings)

Training for Romanian Border Police staff for the correct use and wear, including handling after use, of the protection equipment, return from mission or travel to areas affected by coronavirus or in case of contact with suspected / confirmed persons to be infected with coronavirus.

Truck drivers of vehicles with a mass of over 2.4 t and drivers who perform the supply for farms or the food industry are exempted from the rules of self-isolation / quarantine depending on the areas from which they arrive (yellow / red), when entering the country.

All trucks drivers of vehicles with a mass of over 2,4 t – mandatory protective gear when in BCPs (masks, gloves, disinfectant) and to submit documents indicating route
Questioning of all drivers when entering the country by medical staff to find out whether they have symptoms; depending on results – protocols applied.

By Military Ordinance 2/21 March 2020, a number of measures were taken in order to tighten up restrictions on different aspects involving social distancing, quarantine, social gatherings. 

By Military Ordinance 3/2020, stricter rules in the benefit of the social distancing were imposed, among which mandatory home isolation or, depending on the case, quarantine for all persons entering Romania

16 March 2020 (for Emergency situation)

15 March 2020 (21:00)

22 March 2020 

22 March 2020 (22h00)

25 March 2020 (12h00)
IV. External borders, e.g. entry bansFor efficiency purposes – 25 BCPs closed for 30 days with extension possibility, at the borders with Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria + 10 occasional BCPs. In applying the Commission’s Communication of 16 March 2020, by Military Ordinance 2/21 March 2020, Romania banned entry or transit of its border crossing points to foreign citizens [persons having a citizenship other than Romanian or of a Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or of the Helvetic Confederation] and stateless persons, with the following exceptions:
- they transit the territory of Romania on corridors of transit organized by agreements with neighbouring countries;
- are family members of Romanian citizens;
- are family members of citizens of other Member States of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or of the Helvetic Confederation and are resident in Romania;
- are in possession of a long term visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to the residence permit issued by the Romanian authorities according the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 194/2002 on the aliens’ regime in Romania, republished, with latest amendments and supplements, or an equivalent document issued by the authorities of other Member States, according to the European Union law;
- are persons moving in a professional capacity, proved by a visa, residence permit or other equivalent document;
- is a diplomatic or consular personnel, personnel of international organizations, military personnel or personnel ensuring humanitarian support;
- are in transit, including repatriated following the granting of consular protection;
- are travelling for imperative reasons (medical or familial);
- are in need of international protection or other humanitarian reasonsBy virtue of Military Ordinance 3/2020, it is forbidden for Romanian pilots arriving from red/yellow risk areas to board the vessels in the Romanian seaports, if they do not have the protective equipment required by the Constanta Department of Public Health or if the respective vessels did not carry out the quarantine period of 14 days from the last port of layover located in a red/yellow risk area.
16 March 2020