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Romania. Updates. Regime of cargo transportation in terms of COVID-19 pandemics as of 05 April 2020


Starting from 06 April both road and railway carries transiting Romania will receive a sticker and formulary when entering the country.

RO 10 April 2020

It is possible to get introduced clicking by a sticker and formulary here. 

The form will be stamped at border when entering and exiting. The maximum transit time is 48hrs.

The transit of the territory of Romania is done in compliance with the following minimum conditions:

- Only transit corridors and border points at the ends of the respective corridors will be used;
- The transit of the territory of Romania is done in a minimum possible time interval / it is allowed to stay for a period of normal daily rest as well as those imposed by the daily management; parking of the vehicle in transit is done exclusively in the parking lots on the respective corridors, marked accordingly;
- The deviation from the mentioned routes on the respective corridors is not allowed;
- The transit of the Romanian territory does not exceed 48 hours, including the compulsory pauses.

Failure to comply with the respective condition leads to the quarantine of the driver in the spaces provided by the public administration authorities with the expenses related to the quarantine; the vehicle may be taken, in this case, by a representative of its owner.

Interactive Map (GIS webapplication by Cestrin) also has been launched with indication of Gas station and parking lots for transit corridor COVID19 protection.

Border waiting times and more detailed information can be found at 

https://www.politiadefrontiera.ro/en/traficonline/?vt=2&dt=1  https://www.untrr.ro/en/ 




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA