Head of IGC TRACECA of Republic of TURKEY

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure

Trade routes and being the master of these routes have always been a great importance in the history and played an important role for the cultures and civilizations widespread between continents.

The Historical Silk Road, which was the first transport link between Europe and Asia, has a special significance in this regard and functioned as an important bridge between East and West for centuries.

No doubts, the TRACECA corridor which is aimed at establishing the shortest and reliable multi-model transportation on the east and west axis is a vital part of this historical silk roads, and it will ensure the smooth flow of trade and transport between the European and Asian Countries.

Without a shadow of doubt, the tremendous increase in trade paved the way to new regional economies and brought forth new infrastructure necessities. 
Hence, revitalisation of the Historical Silk Road is a concept and a perspective which is involved in today’s infrastructure projections to meet the increasing trade demands between east and west.

No doubt, TRACECA corridor is well placed in the centre of this concept and perspective. TRACECA with the great efforts of member states will be one of the main routes in this century.

We, as Turkey, put great efforts to enhance the corridor and surely we will continue to do.