Anniversary Tenth Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA

On 17 September 2013, in Dushanbe (the Republic of Tajikistan), there will be held the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) TRACECA. The Meeting will be attended by the official representatives of the Governments of the Parties to the “Basic Multilateral Agreement on International Transport for Development of the Europe-the Caucasus-Asia Corridor” (MLA), the Permanent Representatives (National Secretaries) of the Permanent Secretariat (PS) IGC TRACECA in the MLA member-states, the Permanent Observer of the Republic of  Lithuania in the IGC TRACECA, the representatives of the European Commission, the Team-Leaders of TRACECA Projects and the representatives of international organizations. 

As part of the agenda of the IGC Meeting there will be considered the issues on the development of the international transport corridor TRACECA over the period of presidency of Romania in the IGC TRACECA, the implementation of the Strategy of the IGC TRACECA for development of the TRACECA corridor up to 2015 by the MLA member-states in 2010-2012 and the approval of the Action Plan for 2013-2015. 

The European Union funded technical assistance Projects “Transport Dialogue and Networks Interoperability” (IDEA II) and “Logistic Processes and Motorways of the Sea II” (LOGMOS) will submit the draft Master Plan for further development of the TRACECA corridor until the end of 2014. The Intergovernmental Commission will discuss the technical document on creation of the TRACECA multilateral permits system in international road traffic.       

During the Meeting it is planned to sign the Memorandums of Understanding with the International Road Transport Union as well as with the European Civil Aviation Conference. 

Within the framework of the Meeting the presidency in the IGC TRACECA will be delegated from Romania to the Republic of Tajikistan, the Final Resolutions of the Tenth Annual Meeting (Conference) of the IGC TRACECA   will be signed and the Dushanbe Declaration will be adopted.


17.09.2013 - 17.09.2013

Type of event:

Meeting of the intergovernmental commission

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Location and Venue:

Hotel «Istiqlol» Address: Sportivnaya street 12, Dushanbe, Tajikistan Telephone: +992 (44) 600-81-50, +992 (44) 600-81-51, +992 (37) 236-38-88 Fax: +992 (37) 236-32-90 Email: Web-site:  

Institution, holding event:

Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA, Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA


Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA 8/2 General Aliyarbekov street1005 Baku/Azerbaijan Tel.: (+99412) 5 98 27 18 Fax: (+99412) 498 64 26 E-mail: 


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