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Logistics and Maritime Shipping Training in Tbilisi on 10-12 April 2013

LOGMOS Project organised a three-day-training for transport, logistics, and shipping industry and public sector professionals, which took place on 10-12 April 2013 in Tbilisi. The objective of the seminar was to familiarize the participants with the European best practice and successful logistics and maritime concepts and their implementation in TRACECA.

The workshop was designed for young professionals and middle management of transport sector and logistics from TRACECA countries. The target audience was a new generation of transport professionals and active players of the corridor eager, willing and able to move TRACECA forward with help of new knowledge combined with practical experience.

In order to ensure participation of specialists best suited to the objectives of the event, as well as for the purposes of increased ownership and sustainability, a unique application process was organized, when participants had to justify their interest to attend the seminar by submitting a statement of purpose, CV and tailored application form and to present their plan on further dissemination of the acquired knowledge among their peers in TRACECA countries.

As a result, the LOGMOS team received a wide range of participant profiles covering logistics companies, shipping lines, transport operators, infrastructure companies for all transport modes, cargo owners, customs specialists, freight forwarders and public bodies responsible for transport – a group representing actors of a real supply chain. Furthermore, best students and professors of hosting institution in Georgia – Georgian Technical University – were invited.

Leading transport research and academic institutions of Europe, such as the University of Applied Science, Wildau (Germany) – a lead partner of EU Interreg- Flavia Project, dealing with improvement of intermodal logistics on corridor level, Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) – specialized Institute of Maritime Logistics and Institute of Business Logistics and General Management, delivered tailored lectures to the participants of the workshop. The Delegation of the European Union to Georgia delivered a speech in the opening session.

The seminar was split into three thematic modules, each of which covered a set of topics for defined target groups. During the first two days logistics (Module A) and maritime shipping (Module B) was taught in parallel in two groups. At the final day of the training both groups joined for a common session of Module C devoted to transport economics, case studies for PPP-schemes applied for logistics projects in TRACECA. Representative of logistics and maritime shipping industry active in the region of TRACECA presented their case studies on the last day of the event. The seminars were organised in an interactive manner with case study problem solving, and maritime management game.

The event provided a unique opportunity to establish cooperation with European academic institutions for Georgian counterparts, and received a positive feedback from its participants. 

The LOGMOS project team greatly appreciates support from the Georgian Technical University, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and TRACECA National Secretariat in Georgia.

Any questions related to this training shall be addressed to LOGMOS team at logmos.egis-international@egis.fr and +380 44 288 08 92.


10.04.2013 - 12.04.2013

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Tbilisi, Georgia

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TRACECA Technical Assistance Projects


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