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LOGMOS Study Tour to Europe

LOGMOS Project organised a five-day study tour to Germany and Belgium for TRACECA stakeholders in the fields of logistics and maritime sector. The goal of this event was to present to the participants state-of-the-art technologies and procedures in the field of maritime transport and logistics processes applicable for TRACECA.

The first day of the study tour was dedicated to the LOGMOS TRACECA Master Plan, and training on the development of transport corridor logistics. The LOGMOS team discussed the master plan provisions in the context of the study tour.

The training focused on the international corridor references in terms of a comprehensive logistics programme as integral part of the master plan. This includes various aspects of the development of logistics networks as crucial components of international transport corridors. Participants shared EU best practice and practical examples of activities aimed at the promotion of regional logistics networks, regional and bilateral cooperation mechanisms, coordination and networking between project owners and stakeholders, cargo distribution networks, intermodal transport, pilot projects on modal shift from road to rail transport, container logistics, etc.

Applied training was delivered with support of leading logistics initiatives and institutions, and global market logistics players active in TRACECA. Special vocation training programme in corridor logistics has been developed for TRACECA counterparts.

Participants were offered TRACECA tailored site visits and workshops at the ports of Duisburg and Antwerp to meet representatives of maritime and logistics industry, gain a better insight into the West European best practice in the field and exchange views and experiences and views with their counterparts in Germany and Belgium.

The participants discussed the role of logistics hubs in the development of economic corridors, logistics concepts and solutions along the supply chain, port networks, cargo logistics, and other topics in focus of LOGMOS project. The study tour aims to demonstrate practical examples, lessons learned and best practices applicable in TRACECA development.  

For more information, please, contact the Project Team at logmos.egis-international@egis.fr


23.06.2013 - 28.06.2013


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