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LOGMOS Regional Seminar and Practical Training on Trade and Transport Facilitation in TRACECA

The LOGMOS project is organising a regional seminar and practical training on trade and transport facilitation in TRACECA. The seminar will be held on 6–7 November 2012 back-to-back to the meeting of the Permanent Secretariat (PS) of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) TRACECA at Vadul-lui-Voda, Republic of Moldova.

The LOGMOS seminar will be attended by project beneficiaries representing public and private sector, specialists of customs authorities of TRACECA countries, delegates of EC, EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, UNECE, OSCE, World Bank projects for logistics strategy development in Moldova and EU TRACECA project teams.

The seminar dedicated to the aspects of trade and transport facilitation will provide the participants with an opportunity to share experience and best practice in fostering trade through improved logistics, customs and border-crossing procedures. Representatives of customs authorities will make presentations on trade facilitation challenges and processes in TRACECA, focusing on Danube, Black Sea region, Caspian Sea or Central Asia.

Presentations will be made by international organisations to disseminate the best practices at border crossings in the context of trade and transport facilitation. Participants will be informed on the Integrated Border Management Systems and Single Window practice, and will elaborate on practical recommendations for TRACECA.

Pilot Project Working Group meetings will be organised in the framework of the seminar to discuss the pilot initiatives and updates of their current status.

A separate session will be dedicated to the Silk Wind Pilot Project, where the countries will update the participants on the progress and activities carried out since the meeting in Aktau, Kazakhstan in July 2012. The Working Group will discuss the status of the draft memorandum and agreement, action plan towards a unified transit and transportation document CIM/SMGS, roadmap towards EDI between customs services and railway operators, roadmap towards a competitive and predictable single tariff for the route connecting Asian, TRACECA and European Markets.



05.11.2012 - 08.11.2012


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Hotel Itrelax”, MD-2046, Moldova

Vadul-lui-Voda, Balneara

+ 373 41 78 21; 41 77 80

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TRACECA Technical Assistance Projects


Project Office
8, Lysenko street, office 39,
Kiev, 01034, Ukraine
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