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SASEPOL Training Event and Press Conference

SASEPOL Training Event and Press Conference,18 – 22 October, 2010

The team assigned for the implementation of the project Development of security management and maritime safety and ship pollution prevention for the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (EuropeAid/127221/C/SER/Multi) is planning a five-day workshop on the practical (technical, economic and legal) implications of ratifying, implementing, and enforcing the MARPOL Convention and its six Annexes.

A press conference is also scheduled to take place on the fourth day of the workshop (i.e. 21st of October) at 11 a.m., on the workshop premises- Park Inn Hotel. Representatives of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan and TRACECA, SASEPOL Team Leader, Key Training Expert, and Project Manager will attend the meeting with the media to discuss regional policy and programmes in the maritime sector, in general, and the SASEPOL project in particular.


18.10.2010 - 22.10.2010

Type of event:

Level of event:


Location and Venue:

Park Inn Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan

Institution, holding event:

Europe Commission


SASEPOL Project Office (Central)
4A Topolskiy Lane
Odessa Ukraine
Tel: +380 487 972 679 
Fax: +380 487 972 671
E-mail: office@sasepol.eu www.sasepol.eu

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