Refahiye Junction-Erzurum-Gürbulak Road Upgrading

  • Country: Turkey
  • Mode: Road
  • Investment Volume: 450 Million Euro
  • Project status: Planned

Applicant, Sponsor, Beneficiary, Promoter

Ministry of Transport

Geographical Description

This road section is:- a transit route between Europe, Caucasia and Asia - part of TINA for Turkey Core Road Network and priority project in TINA study (the objective of TINA for Turkey is to define a multi-modal transport network (Core Network) designed to extend the European Union's TEN-T  network into Turkey. Now, The Core Transport Network that is determined  at the end of TINA study,  is negotiated between EC and Turkey within chapter 21 “Trans European Network”) - is a part of continuation of  Pan-European Transport Corridor IV - is a part of E-road, HLG south-east axes (some part),BSEC, TRACECA, ECO, UN/ESCAP, TEM and Euro-Asian Road- is some part of TINA Core Road Network and priority project as explained below- connects  to Zonguldak, Filyos, Samsun and Trabzon Ports of Black Sea Region

Source of Repayment

- The  Law with No. 3996 on PPP model used for some of investment and services in Turkey is still being revised.- The  project is not suitable directly for interesting of private investors with PPP approach at the moment. But, it may be possible in the near future;- PPP model for road transport  is still being discussed (shadow price, to give traffic guarantee in concession period etc.) in Turkey.