mak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Electrification and Signalisation

  • Country: Turkey
  • Mode: Rail
  • Investment Volume: 320 Million Euro
  • Project status: Planned

Applicant, Sponsor, Beneficiary, Promoter

Ministry of Transport

Geographical Description

This Project is:- Part of TINA Core network;- On TRACECA Corridor;- Top Priority of HLG.- Freight volume 662 m tkm/year;- Number of Passangers 1.003.000/year.- Freight volume 1.034 m tkm/year;- Number of passangers 1.180.000/year.Improving economic efficiency: (i) operating and maintance cost savings, (ii) travelling speed from 35 km/h to 70 km/h at average, benefits for customers result from better reliability and shorter travel and shipment times, respectively; (iii) the inpout of unskilled labour in the region is assumed to be %5 of total investment.Enhancing environmental sustainability: (i) no  major  environmental  impact, only vibration and noise during the contraction.Improving safety and security: ETCS Level-1 Control System to be installed, Level Crossings to be protected with either flashers or barrier mechanisms.It is planned to start construction after finalization of TA Project and planned to be completed in 2012.