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TRACECA on the Aviation Day in Kazakhstan


Safe and efficient air transport - key factor for sustainable growth of in the countries in Central Asia and Caucasus were the main topic of discussion of the International Forum, held for the first time by (IATA – International Air Transport Association), on September 13, 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of Forum Agenda, the participants presented reports on the most topical subjects of branch. Particularly, the discussions took place on the issue of the safety flights process in The Republic of Kazakhstan, current aviation safety status for CIS and IAC activities to enhance safety in the region. Besides, the Forum also mentioned the overview of ICAO global and regional key safety findings and safety enhancement activities. 

During the Forum, the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA introduced the key role of air transport for the efficient connection of Central Asia with Europe.

Mr. Biriucov noted that civil aviation is the most important component of transport infrastructure in all TRACECA member-states, and its effective operation is necessary condition of stable economic growth of developing countries and improvement of life quality of the population in regions with poorly developed land transport.

Moreover, the Europe – Asia corridor is considered as one of the most attractive for air transport business. Currently, this direction is of about 8% of the world shipped by air freight. This is about 4 million tons on various cargoes and mail. In this respect the important object of TRACECA member-states of is full realization of the potential of transport infrastructure, including airports and airways, as a natural and the shortest transit bridge between South Asia, Central Europe and South-East Asia

Thus the efforts of the countries of TRACECA region, aimed at expanding trade and economic cooperation and removal of barriers to mutual trade, creates the necessary prerequisites for further growth of cargo air transportation including transit.

The outcomes of the Forum confirms the significant contribution in improving the coordination for the further development of air transport in the region, which will serve the growing traffic and dynamically developing Euro-Asian transport system as a whole.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA