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ATM / ANS Workshop


ATM/ANS Workshop, was held in Cologne from 29 September to 02 October 2014.


The objective of the workshop was to provide knowledge about the European ATM / ANS system.


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  delivered the following tentative working  sessions, with topics as described:


1.        Single European Sky and the SES 2+,

2.        Aviation safety regulatory system in Europe - the European Aviation Safety Agency

3.        The Basic Regulation from the perspective of ATM/ANS

4.        The rulemaking procedure

5.        The role of EASA in ATM/ANS

6.        Performance in ATM

7.        ANSP requirements (MET, DAT, AIS, SATF)

8.        ATM Safety Oversight

9.        Airspace Management and FABs

10.     ATCO Licensing

11.     ATCO TO certification

12.     Authority requirements for licensing and TO certification

13.     Interoperability

14.     SERA

15.     EGNOS - European Satellite Service Provider oversight

16.     ATM/ANS Standardisation Inspection



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