“Development of railway communication is an effective way for delivering goods”, stressed by Ms. Choi Yeon-hye, President of KORAIL and Mr. M. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General


Korail (Korea Railroad Corporation) is the most Korea Railroad Technical Corporation develops railroad technology. The company provides research and development, business management, civil engineering, supervisory management, and track engineering services.

During discussion between Mr. Ciopraga and Ms. Choi Yeon-hye they underlined the importance of various activities in the field of railway transport, including planning, investigation, design, and the supervision of railroad construction works; manufacturing supervision and inspection of track materials; exchange of domestic and foreign technical information on railroad; conducting technical seminars to modernize railroad technology; and feasibility study, and design and supervision for foreign railroad projects and facilities relating railroad

Parties mentioned that railways are one of the key components of the transport system.

Mr. Ciopraga added that within TRACECA Corridor after pipelines railways remain the main mode of land transport and delivery of huge volumes of bulk cargo over medium and long distances. On the outcomes of the assessment the share of the railway transport in the freight traffic market at long distances, makes about 37% from the total volume of tons/km for energy carriers and about 95% for raw materials. 

Ms. Choi Yeon-hye and Mr. Ciopraga agreed to continue discussion for further effective cooperation and benefits of both parties.

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