Ferry Line Constanta-Batumi-Ilychevsk as the Important Transport Nodal Point in the TRACECA Region


The solemn ceremony of opening Constanta-Batumi-Ilychevsk ferry connection was held on October 16, 2014 in Romania. The ceremony of the first maiden voyage of a new international ferry connection in Constanta (Romania) was attended by Bogdan Auresku, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Yulian Mataki, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of Romania, Oksana Reuter, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure for European Integration, Natiya Mikeladze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, members of the National Secretariat TRACECA in Romania.

A new ferry line will become a link and an important effective connection in the TRACECA corridor. 

This bridge will open new perspectives, create conditions for the development and attractiveness of the corridor, as it is a part of the TRACECA strategy. The integration of Trans-European lines with international ones will considerably decrease the time of delivery of goods and movement of passengers, thereby simplifying the traffic in the region. 

Road cargo ferry starts running along the route Ilychevsk (Ukraine) – Constanta (Romania) – Batumi (Georgia). The Danish Company “UKRFerry” will operate this ferry line. “Greifswald” (passenger/railway/Ro-Ro) combined ferry with the capacity of 50 trucks, 85 TIR motor cars of 17 meters long, or 51 wagon and 45 TIR motor cars and 150 passengers will serve this ferry line. The displacement of the ship is 24 000 tons, its length - 191 meters, width - 28 meters, the draught - 6,7 meters. The ship is also ready for the transport of vehicles of 22 meters long. 

The runs will be done once a week. You may find out about tariffs and routes in detail by the following link: http://www.ukrferry.com/eng/tariffs/tariffs-cargo-constantza-batumi 

The launching project will allow of ensuring an intensive growth of traffic flows, will increase trade and tourist potential, which is very important for dynamic economic growth of all transport players.

It is obviously a good occasion enabling us to expect in the near future the integration of different route sections into one big corridor. The TRACECA countries ports will provide beneficial conditions of a free zone for all European and Asian countries interested in mutual trade. The demands of the most exacting customers for quick and mutually advantageous exchange of goods can be easily satisfied.

The launched route will impact significantly the efficient use of transit transport potential, further integration of transport systems and strengthening of regional and interregional communications.

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