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Improving the regulatory framework for multimodal transport is one of the leading directions in the international transport sector


On December 14-16, 2021, the Permanent Secretariat participated in the Side Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The event is focused on "Legal frameworks in the time of changes for multimodal transport", held within the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Transport.

The Ministerial Conference demonstrated a rethinking of transport priorities in the region towards more accessible, reliable, safe and sustainable mobility. The Ministers welcomed national and regional efforts to preserve and expand transport links during the pandemic.

During the meeting, the participants adopted an agenda in the field of transport, which provided more environmentally friendly, "smart" and more sustainable ways of moving people and goods around the region and world.
A new Regional Action Programme (RAP) for 2022-2026 was approved, which provides for coordinated actions to address the growth of cargo and passenger transport, as well as accelerated use of digital technologies, deployment of intelligent transport systems and transition to more inclusive and low-carbon transport systems.

Within Side Event, the importance of the work carried out by the ESCAP on harmonization of the legal framework of multimodal transport aimed at improving the efficiency of multimodal supply chains was noted. 

 "Given the importance of the multimodal corridor in development of trade relations, the TRACECA Permanent Secretariat is actively working in the field of harmonization of transport procedures and their practical application in the region. Coordinated actions of the countries play a crucial role in the maximum convergence of legislative norms and creation of conditions for further development of multimodal transport," Mr Assavbayev A.A., Secretary General noted.

During the speech, it was also noted that to further increase the competitiveness of the corridor, the digitalization of transportation was chosen as one of the key priorities of activity, which is an important step towards ensuring sustainable transport links.

Having studied the countries’ experience that occupy leading positions in the introduction of information technologies, TRACECA has prepared and approved the Digital Concept of the International Transport Corridor TRACECA. Within the framework of this Concept, measures are envisaged aiming at the introduction and application of electronic transport documents, as well as work on initiatives, including a project to create a universal document called the Global Transit Document, which TRACECA is working on jointly with the project’s initiator –ICTD and partner - MSD.

Also during the meeting, participants of the Side Session got acquainted with the detailed Presentation of the Global Transit Document presented by Head of the Group of Experts of TRACECA during his speech. The role of the Global Transit Document in the development of multimodal transport at the international level was also pointed out.


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