LOGMOS Project Inception Phase brought closer to completion


For the past period the project arranged a number of regional workshops sessions, drew up and defined action plans for the implementation of 11 pilot projects, as well as - target groups meetings concerning the projects that achieved agreements on problem issues of traffic

On 29 February 2012, in Brussels the LOGMOS Project held a workshop dedicated to the outcomes of the activities carried out within 10 months of its implementation and designed for establishing common comprehension by the participants of the problems and search for efficient ways and methods of a complex approach towards addressing the set tasks. .

Particular attention was paid to the overcoming of the bottle-necks, hampering the flow of goods between the ports and port areas, and specifically, from the ports to logistical centres, as well as the solution of specific issues arising in the process of goods transportation.    

It should be noted that the project being very attentive towards the needs of the countries concentrated its efforts on the solution of the issues that are the most acute in implementing and functioning of the pilot projects. Particularly, the LOGMOS master plan is to include the projected railway line Kolkhozabad – Nizhni Pyanj. Moreover the project team launched the evaluation of the logistics of aluminum supplies (bauxites and aluminum products) to the Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO).

The Project is presently carrying out the costs expediency analysis of the launch of the block train Poti-Baku. In Armenia the project carried out the works providing  support of design of new access ways connecting the site of ILC “Zvartnots” with projected roads (the “North-South” corridor to be financed by the Asian Development Bank and a bypass road around the centre of Yerevan), as well as – with the railroads network.     

In his speech Mr. E. Biriucov, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, noted that at the Meeting of the Permanent Secretariat the Georgian side presented an initiative regarding the draft new Technical Annex to the Basic Multilateral Agreement on Joint Operation of Railway Ferry Links between the MLA Parties on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Mr. E. Biriucov pointed out that the experts support for development of the document will contribute to considerable improvement of freight traffic activity along the TRACECA corridor in compliance with international agreements in the field of transport, development of information exchange and statistical information.

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