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Moldova conceptually supported the draft documents of TRACECA developed by the PS


On July 3, 2020, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA and Ms. Tatiana Spatari, the National Secretary of TRACECA in Moldova exchanged views on the dynamics of TRACECA international transport corridor (ITC) routes and on the priority areas of cooperation among the MLA TRACECA members-states via web conferencing.

Discussions focused on the issues of containerization of cargo on the TRACECA corridor, automation of data collection, improvement of border crossing procedures, and rationalization of TRACECA routes. 

In addition, the Secretary General pointed out the importance of adopting the form of a single multimodal document. A. Assavbayev expressed hope for reaching a consensus on the issue of a single document form within the framework of the Agreement on multimodal transport.

The National Secretary of TRACECA in Moldova noted the interest in improving and optimizing the routes of TRACECA corridor, as well as the readiness to provide assistance and support in achieving the results of the proposed TRACECA initiatives. 

In her turn, Ms. Spatari noted that the Republic of Moldova is a member of multilateral permit system of TRACECA, which has shown its effectiveness. Moreover, she supported the call of the Permanent Secretariat for other MLA member-states to accede to the international road transport system.

Taking into consideration the necessity for detailed discussion and familiarization with the positions of other TRACECA member-states on a number of points of the finalized documents, the participants of the meeting acknowledged it appropriate to hold a separate meeting to consider the draft of the Statute of the PS and the Rules of Procedure of the IGC. 

In the framework of the discussion on Agreement on a STP, the National Secretary of TRACECA in Moldova proposed to improve the existing multilateral permit system by combining it with the proposed single transit permit. At the same time, Ms. Spatari expressed her readiness for further considering the position on the Agreement on a STP, taking into account the views of countries.

Mr. Assavbayev A. A., Secretary General of TRACECA emphasized that taking into account the different conditions for the organization and development of international traffic, the presence of several types of permits will create the new opportunities for carriers. Changing the current permit system may create risks for the prospects of attracting the new participants. Bearing in mind the different number of vehicle fleets in the countries, the new Agreement will bring together the maximum number of states (a tool for expanding the geography of TRACECA).

Taking into account the importance of continuing the cooperation with the EC on technical assistance projects, the development and implementation of a multimodal digital Transit Document, and other issues that contribute to improving the traffic process on the TRACECA corridor, the Moldavian Party will send the additional comments to the Secretariat.






Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA