New vision and modernized approach are necessary conditions for interregional cooperation and integration


On 29th June-1 July 2016, Vienna, Austria, Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General participated in Crans Montana Forum on Central to Far-Eastern Europe.

The main mission of the Crans Montana Forum on Central to Far-Eastern Europe were dedicated to the Regional and the World integration of Central and Eastern European States with a key focus on stimulation the development of each country’s Economic International Relations, all types of Cooperation and Partnership and Foreign Direct Investment.

The Forum brought together all countries and key actors from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean for the purposes of resuming and strengthening the links. Since its inception, the Forum has been gathering the representatives of authorized public structures, international organizations, independent institutions and business communities to discuss and to define further development vectors of socio-economic dimension.  

The speakers of the Forum focused their debates on the most crucial political and economic challenges of nowadays. In particular, 3-days Forum covered discussions on the key to economic development, industrial investment, climate change and their impact on the environment, infrastructure financing, the improving and coordinating the management of emergency situations and natural resources.

Within the Forum, participants of the Forum sounded that industrial and economic development in the region require new vision and modernized policies towards new energy concepts in the Central to Eastern European States and their associated neighbors. Nowadays economic alternative bridging, from East to West, the new territories of development and growth represents an exceptional opportunity for the world. Cooperation must be based on mutual respect and confidence as well as balancing the role of major countries and smaller ones.

Within the panel session “Growth, regional cooperation and integration, outstanding transport networks and policies, the example of the Silk Road, common goals and achievements for a safer world” Mr. Ciopraga shared the TRACECA experience regarding the international transport connections, latest plans and projects within its regional cooperation and its further introduction.

Mr. Ciopraga stressed that TRACECA continuously carry out activity by attracting key experts to the development of transport communication between two economic areas of the Eurasian continent – Europe and South-Eastern Asia through TRACECA routes. one of the most perspective trends is the creation of intermodal block trains which by providing a full complex of logistic services in the countries along the route promote transit traffic from China to Europe within the transport infrastructure of the TRACECA member states. This route is attractive for the EU countries – the main consumer of Asian commodities – being the safe route of goods delivery from PRC to the EU borders via overland route. 

In the European part of the International Transport Corridor TRACECA the block train “Viking” connecting the countries of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea basins is especially attractive. The possibility of extending this train route across the Black Sea to the South Caucasus, and possibly with further extension to the Asian countries is very perspective.   

Mr. Ciopraga underlined that continuation and enlargement of active and mutually beneficial cooperation among all concerned parties within the Crans Montana Forum is very important for the purpose of developing investment, economic and trade potential of the Eurasian region.

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