On 10th February 2016 Mr. Ciopraga visited Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA)


BULATSA is Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority. This authority applies a systematic approach in the Safety Management System (SMS) to all operational activities with direct impact on the safety levels.

During the visit to Bulatsa, Mr. Ciopraga met with Mr. Georgi Peev, Director General, Mr. Angel Rachev, Director ATM Directorate, Mr. Petar Danailov, Director ATCC Sofia, Mr. Veselin Stoyanov, Director of the European Programmes, Projects and Strategy.

The main mission of Bulatsa is provision of high-quality air-navigation services (ANS) through reliable and efficient business management, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and the environment impact.

Representatives of Bulatsa authority briefed Mr. Ciopraga on its active participation in coordination with MTITC, DG CAA, Romatsa, the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Romanian NSA in preparation of a joint response from Bulgaria and Romania to the European Commission EU Pilot system.  

In 2013 the “DANUBE FAB Strategic Program 2013-2017 and beyond” and corresponding Annual Plan were developed. The aim of the Strategic Program is to determine the intentions and strategic objectives of DANUBE FAB and to present how and when these objectives should be achieved by all stakeholders. 

This Strategic program lists nine strategic objectives in accordance with the approved performance scheme in the European Union and the principles of the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO.


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