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On 11 March 2021 Mr Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, met with Mr Niсolae Kojuhari, Charge d’Affairs a.i. of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Azerbaijan


The main subject of the meeting was to strengthen cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in joint efforts and activities to implement priority tasks for the development of the TRACECA international transport corridor.

During the discussions on the latest changes and prospects in TRACECA, an exchange of views took place on problematic issues and integration prospects strategically important for the Europe-the Caucasus-Asia region.

In particular, the digitalization of the transport and technological process of the corridor will become a vivid example of the efficiency and activity of TRACECA. The meeting participants noted the main directions for the implementation of TRACECA initiatives aimed at improving border crossing procedures, introducing electronic documents, harmonizing requirements for road vehicles in relation to their weight and dimensions, developing container transport, determining competitive tariffs and preferential terms.

“Taking into account the results of 2020, the active use of the corridor and its potential to the full is one of the primary tasks”
, Mr A. Assavbayev, Secretary General pointed out.
Particular attention during the discussion was paid to the issue of the Agreement on Single Transit Permit aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the corridor and attracting additional transit cargo flows by simplifying the issuance procedures and reducing the number of necessary permits for transit traffic. Taking into account different number of vehicle fleets in the TRACECA countries, the new Agreement will allow uniting the maximum number of states.
In this connection, the Permanent Secretariat hopes for the possibility of accession of the Republic of Moldova to this Agreement.

The participants of the meeting emphasized the importance of interaction between the Embassies of the TRACECA MLA member states, accredited and involved in the activities of TRACECA in Azerbaijan, including the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova, and the Permanent Secretariat based in Baku.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA