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On 1 July 2016, in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Ciorpaga met with H.E. Mr. Jean-Paul Carteron, Ambassador, Honorary Chairman and Founder of the Crans Montana Forum


During the Forum, Mr. Ciopraga had an opportunity to introduce step-by-step activities of TRACECA to Mr. Carteron, Chairman and Founder of Crans Montana Forum.

Mr. Ciopraga and Mr. Carteron stressed that in accordance with the strategy policy of TRACECA with its partners, support of the initiatives for strengthening of the regional transport dialogue and ensuring effective, reliable international Eurasian transport connections – one of the priority objectives. Mr. Carteron expressed his interest in detailed presentation on further TRACECA activities within the region.

Mr. Carteron and Mr. Ciopraga exchanged the opinions on the opportunities for deeper cooperation in Eurasia and best practices for strengthening international economic relations.

Mr. Ciopraga added that TRACECA investments made a considerable contribution to the enhancement of potentials for development of economic relations, trade and Eurasian transport connectivity. And for the moment TRACECA in the great need in financing of its investment projects, ensuring basic economic interests of the states participating in these projects.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA