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On 2nd April, LOGMOS project final event took place in Tbilisi


The meeting dedicated to the endorsement of the LOGMOS TRACECA Master Plan on the technical level and discussion of further steps needed to bring it into play.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission and EU Delegation to Georgia, beneficiaries represented by officials from ministries of transport and other responsible authorities, PS IGC TRACECA and National Secretaries, as well as experts of the LOGMOS and IDEA II projects.

The LOGMOS team presented the Master Plan for discussion and technical endorsement by beneficiaries and stakeholders. Authorized representatives of stakeholders unanimously confirmed the technical endorsement of the Master Plan, and pledged to bring the document up to the IGC level to seek its endorsement at a high level, and to ensure political commitments of beneficiaries for the implementation of the Master Plan.

Participants also discussed high-level recommendations for the development of Motorways of the Sea and Logistics Dimensions of the TRACECA corridor in detail. These high-level recommendations concern each Master Plan layer, i.e. legal and institutional, infrastructure network, as well as market and operations. The recommendations are built around such topics as the enhancement of interstate cooperation, transparency of applied regulatory basis and market settings, closer involvement of the private sector, application of best international practices, and capacity building for sectoral organisations and actors.

The project team presented a proposed Road Map for the implementation of the Master Plan, possibilities of application of this road map in the countries, and general perspectives of the LOGMOS initiatives. Participants agreed that the Road Map was a useful tool for the implementation of the Master Plan at the national and regional levels.

The meeting adopted conclusions on the technical endorsement of the Master Plan and commitment to follow up and support its implementation. Participants welcomed the EC technical assistance and work carried out within the LOGMOS project.

For more information, please, contact the Project Team at logmos.egis-international@egis.fr  



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