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On 3 July 2020 the consultations between the PS IGC TRACECA and ICTD on the pilot project of the Global Transit Document (GTrD) were held via web-conferencing


During the discussion Mr Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, and Dr Igor Runov, Executive Director of the International Centre for Transport Diplomacy (ICTD), paid special attention to the significance of the GTrD pilot project implementation from the practical point of view.

The participants of the meeting noted the need of clear understanding of the stage-by-stage concept of the pilot project implementation, definition of the project content for the participants and the concerned parties.

A number of TRACECA countries expressed their interest in the GTrD project. At present the composition if the Expert Group is being formed. At the same time, the Secretary General informed that some countries are interested in the project details, particularly it is very important to determine a donor who will take responsibility for the project, bear the costs required for participation in the project and a number of other non-developed issues.

Mr I. B. Runov, Executive Director of the International Centre for Transport Diplomacy (ICTD), informed that the representatives of the IT industry intend to be involved in the process of the GTrD development. They suggest their participation in the elaboration of the proposed project on the basis of the block-chain technology with the view of its further testing within the framework of the pilot commercial transportation of goods in 2021. 

In this context, A.A. Assavbayev and I.B. Runov emphasized the importance of joint coordinated approach to the discussion of the concept and the project details. The idea of introducing a multimodal digital Global Transit Document is attracting the increased number of supporters and next month a group of experts from different countries, as well as the business circles’ representatives will discuss it.
The preliminary date of the on-line meeting is scheduled for 25 August 2020. 

The meeting participants also discussed the idea and the possibility of adopting a joint declaration of the Eurasian transport organizations, which would allow to express common opinion on the most important areas of activities.   



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA