On 9th February 2016 Mr. Moskovski, Chairman of TRACECA National Commission in the Republic of Bulgaria met with Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General


Mr. Ivaylo Moskovski, Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications and Mr. Mircea Ciopraga, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA exchanged opinions on several issues of great importance for the whole TRACECA region.

Parties emphasized the necessity of clarification which technical assistance projects are scheduled to be presented in the future, taking into consideration that infrastructure projects should first of all define their economic effectiveness and financial viability. 

Mr. Moskovski mentioned that TA Projects should favour the participation of private sector in construction and operation of state-of-the-art transport-technological network directed to the development of a specific sector (roads, ports, railways, logistic centres, etc.) and improvement of the economic well-being in the region.

The participants of the meetings discussed the priority issues of the institutional development of the international transport corridor “Europe-the Caucasus-Asia”. 

Within the meeting Mr. Ciopraga and Mr. Moskovski outlined the issues of the improvements of the IGC TRACECA structures, further strategic and integration prospects of the region for further implementation of TRACECA Strategy.

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