On the 5th of August 2015 meeting were held between Ms. Maria Magdalena Grigore, Secretary of State, National Secretary of TRACECA in Romania and Mr. Mircea Ciopraga, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA


The purpose of the visit was to discuss the further development and action plan within the framework of TRACECA.

Left: Ms. Maria Magdalena Grigore, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Transport, National Secretary of the IGC TRACECA in Romania; Right: Mr. Mircea Ciopraga, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA

Taking into consideration the recent events – the opening of a new maritime transport connection in the Black Sea, Constanta-Batumi-Ilyichevsk ferry line (15-16 October 2014) the initiative and proceedings for the signing of the Silk Wind Memorandum and Agreement were discussed during the meeting for the purposes of direct contribution from Romanian Party.

The Parties agreed to exchange the detailed plan of activities on the possible and beneficial contribution within the realization of Silk Wind project.

“Silk Wind” is one of the most perspective and solid projects for creation of multimodal block train which will include a new transport infrastructure of the member states providing a full complex of logistic services from China to Kazakhstan and further to Europe. This route is attractive for the EU countries being the shortest way of goods delivery from PRC to the EU borders via continental route.

 The follow-up activity and discussions on its implementation are to be continued.

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