On the 7th November 2016 upon official invitation of Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General, Ms. Maria Magdalena Grigore, National Secretary of TRACECA in Romania made an official visit to TRACECA Headquarter


The purpose of the visit was to discuss the further development and action plan within the framework of TRACECA activities.

One of the most important issues within discussion with Mr. Ciopraga was the preparation to the Meeting of the National Secretaries of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA, to be held on 21-22 November 2016 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Agenda of the events include most urgent issues, particularly on the draft Action Plan for implementation of the Strategy of the IGC TRACECA for development of the international transport corridor “Europe-the Caucasus-Asia” for the period 2016-2026. 

Ms. Grigore and Mr. Ciopraga mentioned that the main objectives of further development of the TRACECA corridor for the coming period will consist in enhancing the role and functions of the TRACECA corridor in international trade outside the TRACECA region as an important alternative to other corridors;

Within the visit to TRACECA Headquarter, Ms. Grigore met with Mr. Akif Mustafayev, National Secretary of the IGC TRACECA in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Mr. Mustafayev and Ms. Grigore discussed National Working Group Meeting in Azerbaijan, organized on 12 October by NS of Azerbaijan and the webinar meeting on the development of a single multimodal transport document (bill of lading) along the international transport corridor.

Mr. Mustafayev stressed that it is expedient of using the CIM / SMGS consignment note (on railway transport) as the basic single multimodal transport document, in view of its elaboration at the next meetings. 

Parties exchanged views regarding the significance of the initiatives and ideas implemented on the level of the Head of States which are define the status and level of decisions made.

During exchange of opinions with Mr. Mustafayev, Ms. Grigore shortly informed on the concept of the new project “Datamall Logistics and Customs IT platform”, that is going to be presented within the course of the Meeting of the National Secretaries on 21 November 2016.

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