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Port of Baku plans to increase cargo turnover in 2021


Currently, the port continues to operate in normal mode. "It is expected that the volume of cargo transportation this year will exceed the figures of previous years," - said Mr. Elmar Habibli, Head of the Press Service of the Port of Baku.

Despite the negative consequences of COVID-19, the Port of Baku increased cargo transportation by 20 per cent in 2020 compared to 2019.

In addition, the record figures were observed in the port last year compared to the last 30 years in the field of transhipment of large vehicles (TIR) and containers.
In 2015, the cargo turnover of our port amounted to more than 3.059 million tons of cargo, in 2019 – 4.057 million tons, and in 2020-4.85 million tons. The figures for 2020, compared to the figures for 2015, indicate an increase in cargo turnover by 59 per cent.

The port has a terminal with the capacity to handle 100 thousand TEU containers per year (one TEU is equal to one 20-foot container). Eight specialized and state-of-the-art cranes which carry out handling operations in the shortest possible time are installed at this terminal. Only last year, 40,345 thousand TEU containers were handled in our terminal, which is an increase of 15 per cent compared to the previous year figures – 35,152 thousand TEU containers.

Through two Ro-Ro bridges, 43,208 thousand TIR passed through the port last year, which is 28 per cent more than in 2019. 65 per cent of these TIR-s were transported in the direction of Baku-Turkmenistan-Baku, and 35 per cent - in the direction of Baku-Astana-Baku.

In 2015, 8,756 thousand TIR passed through the Port of Baku, and current figures indicate a five-fold increase in cargo traffic during the multimodal cargo transit through Azerbaijan.

The Port of Baku transferred 711,706 thousand tons of dry cargo last year, which is 2.8 times more than in 2019, and 3.5 times more than in 2015.

Information source: https://www.trend.az/business/transport/3404602.html




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