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On 23-26 February 2016, Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General participated to the 78th Session of Inland Transport Committee of UNECE.

Left: Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General

Right: Mrs. Eva Molnar, Director, UNECE Sustainable Transport Division

The Inland Transport Committee (ITC) is the highest policy-making body of the UNECE in the field of transport.  

TRACECA and Transport Committee of the UNECE has long-term cooperation in this regard.

This session has become an important platform to discuss top urgent issues: development of the policy in transport sector, logistics, its connection and access to the global market, sustainable development, organization of transport-logistics services as well as new information interactive systems and innovations of various transport modes.   

Moreover, the issues of strengthening policy dialogue and technical assistance to countries with economies in transition, status of accession to United Nations transport agreements and conventions under the purview of the Inland Transport Committee were in the focus of the latest 78th session.

The participants of the meeting exchanged views on UNECE analytical work on transport, environment, climate change and new innovations in the intelligent transport systems, harmonization of vehicle regulations and road safety.

In this regard, Mr. Ciopraga mentioned the development and expansion of trade-economic and transport-logistics connections within region of Europe, Caucasus and Asia, as well as realization of economic possibilities through the development of the corridor transport infrastructure.

Since TRACECA corridor by its geographic and technical parameters is a multimodal system of land and maritime routes, the development of transport system in the region within the next few years is directly connected with the development of logistics. And special attention is paid to state-of-the-art technologies of carriage applying advanced transport-logistic schemes of freight transport. 

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