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Tajikistan: On border control measures taken with regard to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as of April 8, 2020



Name of measuresStatus of their application
1Non-discriminatory approach towards freight vehicles and drivers☒Equal conditions are provided for drivers irrespective of the country of registration of a vehicle or the nationality of a driver
☒ Transit transport is provided with obligatory escorts throughout the whole territory of the country

The transit movement of vehicles of foreign countries for the period of a pandemic through the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan is mandatory to be accompanied by authorized bodies
2Limitation of the border check points to perform transport of goods☒ The operation of checkpoints was not restricted


International road transport through automobile checkpoints for a pandemic period is carried out in accordance with a temporary Regulation approved by authorized bodies
3Creation of the “green corridors” at the border crossing points☒ On analogy with “green corridors” there were created partial conditions 


The movement of freight vehicles with essential goods, including medical preparations, supplies and equipment, is made out of turn

4Accelerated border crossing through the “green corridors”☒ Due to the need for additional checks, the transit time at checkpoints is slightly increased
5Reduction of border crossing procedures☒ Border crossing procedures were supplemented by sanitary norms observance (including disinfection of a vehicle on the border, passport inspection for revealing of stay in the countries under the unfavorable situation,etc.)


Customs clearance is carried out at border terminals and the further delivery of cargo to the destination is carried out by domestic vehicles (a foreign trailer or semi-trailer is attached to domestic track)
6Health screening☒ Irrespective of the nationality of the driver the latter is not admitted to the country   before the expiry of the quarantine time  (14 days) from the time of entry

Arrival of a foreign truck driver in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan is not allowed. Tajik drivers are sent to the quarantine upon arrival (14 days).
7Other inspections of documents and goods☒Other kinds of documents and goods’ inspections are not carried out
8Possibility of temporary relaxation regarding the requirements to driving and rest times for drivers☒Temporary relaxation requirements are not envisaged

With regard to driving requirements and rest time for drivers, the Temporary Regulation is observed, and during transit through the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan it is not allowed to get out of the car and is accompanied.
9Availability of the corresponding sanitary conditions for transport industry workers along the main transport corridors☒ Sanitary conditions on the border of the country at border crossing points were provided
☒ Sanitary conditions are provided along the main transport corridors subject to escorting of a vehicle
10Other measuresNot taken






Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA