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TRACECA Integration: International Transport Forum, 2-4 May 2012, Leipzig, Germany


The International Transport Forum (ITF) is a worldwide platform to hold summit conferences in the field of transport, logistics and mobility.

Annually the   International Transport Forum invites to Leipzig key representatives of governmental and political organizations, commercial and industrial enterprises, research institutions and civil society.

The regular International Transport Forum chaired by Japan was held on 2-4 May 2012, in Leipzig under the motto “Seamless Transport: Making Connections”. The Forum was attended by ministers, branches’ leaders and key experts from 53 countries, as well as the Forum’s participants for the purpose of studying the communications’ issues.

The Summit’s attention was focused on how seamless transport could connect people and markets, systems and sectors to the best advantage. Taking into account the broad spectrum of global players within the framework of the Summit agenda the Ministerial Meeting focused on the issues of improving communications.   Complete transport integration is the inspiring strategic vision of the future. When people and goods move without interruptions and barriers, transport becomes a dynamic engine of growth and well-being improvement. Completely integrated connections between cities and regions, particularly owing to high-speed railway, have a tremendous influence on the economy of countries and regions. Unimpeded access to transport makes schools, universities, labour-markets and recreation possibilities available to people.
TRACECA exposition was presented to the ITF 2012 participants for the first time (see below photographic coverage). Mr. Siim Kallas, EC Vice-President and European Commissioner for Transports, Ms. Vera Kobalia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Mr. Anatol Salaru, Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova, Ms. Eva Molnar, Head of Transport Department of UNECE, Mr. Yagub Novruzaliyev, Deputy Head of State Service of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan and many others became familiar with the latest publications and achievements within the framework of TRACECA. During the meetings with the interested parties and representatives of the transport sector Mr. E. Biriucov, Secretary General of TRACECA, informed on the ongoing projects implemented within TRACECA as well as on the measures taken with a view of further development.
TRACECA exposition aroused great interest among professional ITF participants and collected many favorable comments.

The information on the ITF (objectives, tasks, structure, management and sector bodies, personals, documents, history, news) and the ITF 2012 itself is placed on the official ITF site - http://www.internationaltransportforum.org/


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA