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Turkey. Updated. Measures Taken by Turkey Concerning International Freight Transport as of 22 June 2020


According to the new Circular of Ministry of Interior dated 8th May 2020 and 14th May 2020

Previous Circulars dated 9/4/2020 and 27/4/2020 on International Freight Transport has been abolished;

Health checks of the drivers will be conducted, if symptoms of disease are detected, foreign drivers will not be allowed to enter Turkey, the Turkish drivers will be subject to quarantine.

If symptoms of the disease are not detected;

o Drivers are required to wear masks during resting areas/parking slots in Turkey

o For transport operations to/from Turkey; foreign drivers will be able to enter Turkey without waiting 14day quarantine period on condition that they commit they will leave Turkey as soon as possible (obligation to leave Turkey within 72+24 hours has been removed). If foreign drivers feel any symptoms of the disease, they will apply the closest health center.

o For Transit: For all the vehicles which will pass in transit through Turkey, routes and resting areas will be designated and they will be allowed to enter Turkey and leave within the shortest time (24/36/48 hour restriction for transit has been abolished).

o Transportation of medicine, medical supplies and food goods urgent for the Turkey will be given priority.

Ro-Ro operations: Drivers of the trucks will be allowed to be onboard on the Ro-Ro lines; Zonguldak- Chornomorsk (Illyıchevsky), Istanbul- Chornomorsk (Illyıchevsky), Karasu- Chornomorsk (Illyıchevsky), Constanta- Karasu, Tasucu-Tripoli, Mersin-Haifa Ro-Ro lines (previously drivers were not allowed, with the new Circular, drivers are allowed)

Iraq and Iran Borders: Restrictions concerning Border Crossing Points with Iran and Iraq still applies (Traffic is not allowed, only truck drivers of foreign nationalities will be allowed to exit from the aforementioned border crossing points provided they will not be readmitted).






Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA