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Uzbekistan: Regime of Freight Directions in terms of COVİD 19 Pandemic


In connection with the dissemination in the media and social networks information about the delay of goods vehicles Uzbekistan on the Georgian-Turkish border, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan reports that in accordance with the urgent measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the entry of trucks of national carriers on the territory of Turkey was limited.

As a result of negotiations with the responsible Ministries and departments of Turkey and Georgia, this issue was resolved positively. According to the Turkish side, Uzbek road carriers can enter the territory of Turkey after 14 days from the date of departure from Uzbekistan.

The Customs Department and the Ministry of Trade of Turkey confirmed the resumption of the passage of cargo vehicles of Uzbekistan from the night of March 30, 2020. Up to date, more than 50 trucks have crossed the Georgian-Turkish border.

The situation is under the control of the Embassies of Uzbekistan in the cities of Ankara and Baku, which maintain contact with drivers of Uzbek citizens who are on the interstate border waiting for the expiration of the 14-day period.

It should be mentioned, that starting from 16 March, all air, rail and road communications with third countries have been suspended. The restrictions do not apply to persons and vehicles involved in the carriage of goods by road, rail, maritime, river and air.

More detailed information can be found at https://news.mail.ru/society/41202354/?frommail=1  and customs.uz/en/news/category/   




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