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Analysis of TRACECA logistics network and of the related operation of transport and logistics within the existing network



Traffic flow analyses and characterization of the nature and the condition of operating infrastructures and facilities within the network

  • Disaggregated approach of merchandise flows
  • Identification and description of main logistics nodes relevant for the project. An extensive review of facilities and all type of equipment and of operators at each of these areas should be provided
  • Identification and description of main etxisting transport links, by mode of transport.


Description of main issues encountered by operators

  • Missing infrastructure links
  • Existence of private operators
  • Legislative, administrative and technical barriers to efficient flow of goods and the development of efficient logistics centers.


Identification, ranking and promotion of logistics centers’ projects

  • Identify and characterize priority projects of logistics centers
  • Rank logistics centers projects using multi-criteria matrix (i.e. position on TRACECA corridors; completion of key logistics activities; condition of infrastructure; traffic flow levels; potential funding and public/private involvement
  • Visit relevant logistics centers in European countries.


Feasibility studies of the selected projects

  • Global description of objectives and functions of proposed logistics centers
  • Identify major stakeholders
  • Identify site location
  • Preliminary design of the site
  • Preliminary design of the logistics areas
  • Business plan of the site
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Assessment of key qualifications required
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Recommendation for public support
  • Cooperation and liaison with similar projects along the TRACECA corridor