Project activities - General description

Project activities are divided into following categories:

A. Awarness raising:
The aim of this category of activities is to build mutual trust, establish and strengthen partnership and bring the authorities of beneficiary states closer to the international and European aviation safety system and to EASA as its institutional emanation. The project supports participation of beneficiary states in the existing mechanisms of cooperation such as EASA International Cooperation Forum (ICF) and PANEP (Pan-European Partnership platform).

B. Training:
Training, delivered on bilateral, sub-regional and regional basis includes classroom (academic) courses and OJT (practical) in all areas within the remit of EASA. Training is delivered through the Agency and/or specific training organisations.  In general, syllabi of training sessions organised by the project are tailored to the real needs, based on recent changes in regulations, information collected through on-the-spot technical support missions, deficiencies observed during standardisation audits etc.

C. Perr to peer support
As decided during Steering Committee Meeting this activity was cancelled.

D. Safety Management:
The sharing of roles between the European Union and EASA Member States, as described in the Basis Regulation (EC 216/2008), makes it impossible for Member States to take full responsibility alone for an SSP. Based on this observed need, the European Aviation Safety Advisory Committee (EASAC), created in October 2009, has developed two important elements of the European Aviation Safety Programme (EASP): a manual and a safety plan . Although a lot of activities have already been initiated, processes related to systemic and cultural changes are time consuming and further support is necessary.

Based on experiences from other regions, EASA launched so called “Safety management initiative” intended to provide all necessary support in implementation of ICAO requirements related to safety management, taking into account the European dimension. Activities are not limited to training, but are taking form of a long-term support and cooperation, from a kick-off meeting, through workshops and training session, gap analyses to actual support in implementation of SSP/SMS principles together with the aforementioned European dimension with regard to some of the beneficiaries.

E. On the spot / Office support:
The project includes an element of continuous support and consultation from the distance and during on-the-spot missions.

F. Management initiative:
The EASA project team started with a comprehensive initiative for the different levels of the Civil Aviation Administration Management in order to refresh their skills and cultural understanding of the overall management capabilities by application of modern management tools. Taking into account the time constraints and internal obligations managers are often confronted with, this initiative will be structured in four modules.

EASA, in close cooperation with EGIS AVIA, will start with an ATM / ANS support and assistant programme for ENP Countries. Further details will be introduced during the 4th  Steering Committee meeting (April 2014).

PM. Project management:
Activities such as Steering Committee Meetings, etc.

For the status of all Project activities please refer to "Documents" section of TRACECA Civil Aviation Safety / EASA page.