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Objective and purpose of the Project

Overall objective

The objective of the project is two-fold:

a)    For the countries which are part of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP): to ensure that beneficiaries which have signed a comprehensive civil aviation agreement with the EU or for which such negotiations are planned or in progress can participate effectively in the pan-European civil aviation system.

b)    For the Central Asian countries: to provide support and capacity building to the Civil Aviation Authorities so that these countries will be able to fulfil their international obligations in the domain of air safety.  

This project will seek to complement its action with the other civil aviation programmes of the European Union such as Taiex and Twinning projects.



The purposes  are as follows:

a)    To support the implementation of the comprehensive Aviation Agreements and pave the way towards the Common Aviation Area;

b)    To support  the development of common safety standards and procedures;

c)    To foster cooperation between EASA and the beneficiaries;

D)    To foster cooperation between the beneficiaries themselves based on dedicated regional cooperation initiatives.