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The LOGMOS methodology rests upon the development and promotion of the concept of regional networks within TRACECA. The concept highlights the TEN-T approach to identify the core network between ports and logistic hubs, based on project developments that should be in line with the EU methodology on the TEN-T policy.

In that sense, the TEN-T and TRACECA strategies and projects are tightly related with the common objective of better interconnections between the EU and neighbouring countries. These strategies and projects particularly focus on new developments and improvements of transport modes, intermodality, border crossing points, and in a wider sense cover all components of the networks.

The White Paper / Road Map to a Single European Transport Area – "Towards a competitive and resource efficient Transport system" (28.3.2011 – COM (2011) 144 final) which preceded the TEN-T guidelines is designed to prepare the European Transport Area for the future within a vision of a competitive and sustainable Transport System.

This document contains a section on the external dimension of the Road Map (3.4.) pointing out that i) most actions of the Road Map are linked to developments beyond the EU border and ii) the EU will focus notably on actions extending the transport and infrastructure policy to its immediate neighbours within a cooperation framework.

In terms of the external dimension of the Road Map, a master plan will be prepared in view of the TRACECA context, and the EU policies related to LOGMOS dimensions. The master plan will define the framework of domains to be addressed on the TRACECA space aimed at establishment of the seamless logistics chains and efficient multimodal transportation on the corridor. The master plan will be supported by a number of pilot projects, which will be aimed at this goal. The projects will be selected by means of the MCA from the proposals submitted by the beneficiary countries or jointly identified by the project with the stakeholders.

The master plan will include a set of recommendations on policies, objectives, system needs, or priorities to guide decision-makers of TRACECA in a short, medium and long term run in line with IGC strategy.