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Key results

1. In relation to Project purpose 1:

  • Coordinated strategy between countries to strengthen regional transport cooperation;
  • Changes to the governance and organisation structure of the TRACECA PS will have been agreed and implemented together with proposed amended funding mechanisms.
  • A minimum of two regional transport and infrastructure conferences will have been held at ministerial level;
  • Thematic working-group structures will be established and working; a minimum of eight working groups will have been convened;
  • TRACECA programme activities, materials, results and other information will have been produced and widely communicated and disseminated.

2. In relation to Project purpose 2

  • Specific objectives, targets and activities within the IGC Long-Term Strategy will be identified;
  • At least one regional conference focusing on PPP for investment in infrastructure will have been convened;
  • A minimum of two IFI regional coordination meetings will have been convened;
  • The IGC Permanent Secretariat and National Secretaries (if required) will have received capacity building for public-private infrastructure procurement, project management and finance, and structured training programme to meet their specific needs;
  • Institution building with PPP competence centres for long-term knowledge transfer;
  • An established “working community” in place comprising TRACECA network and IFIs.

3. In relation to Project purpose 3

  • A sustainable TRACECA’s traffic and project database system will be maintained and updated by the TRACECA member countries themselves:
  • A short list of 6 to 8 infrastructure and transport projects will have been generated; pre-appraisals on these short-listed projects will have been completed and discussed with IFIs; for these projects, pre-feasibility studies will have been conducted jointly and with the sponsorship and backing of IFIs;
  • At least two regional infrastructure and transport projects which lend themselves to Public Private Partnership structuring will have been identified and defined;
  • At least two bankable TRACECA originated projects will have IFI commitments for investment; these IFIs will have accepted to undertake full feasibility studies;
  • Minimum of two identified TRACECA regional infrastructure projects considered by stakeholders for possible PPP structuring;
  • Documented methodology will be in place for use by the PS covering the project cycle;
  • A “Financing and Investment Manual”;
  • A “readiness assessment” of TRACECA member countries for PPP arrangements or other procurement options;
  • Practical support and technical advisory services for the proposed Business Advisory Council;
  • Technical advisory services to set up the proposed TRACECA Investment Fund.