Maintaining the stable transport chains is the key to ensuring the safety of the population


The spread of the pandemic faced by the countries affected the TRACECA states as well.

We are observing the tightening and application of various regimes of freight transport, including transit traffic, performed along the TRACECA corridor. At the same time, countries are well aware that maintaining stable transport chains is the key to ensuring the safety of the population, mainly - providing essential goods, including the supply of medical equipment and medicines.

Having studied all the measures applied with regard to border crossing and transit regimes across the territories of the TRACECA countries, the TRACECA experts have developed the Single Harmonized Conditions for export-import and transit freight transport by road under the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic. 

The main objective of these Conditions is to unify the measures taken by the TRACECA countries to create the most secure and uninterrupted cargo movement.
 It should be noted that the developed Single Harmonized Conditions have been sent to the TRACECA countries for further approval and the Permanent Secretariat is expecting comments from the Parties to determine the further actions. 

This is important in order to provide the countries of the corridor with the necessary goods, to provide the transportation of humanitarian aid and support the transport industry of the TRACECA countries ' economies, to ensure the safety of the population and to ease the load of drivers and borders.

In addition, the Permanent Secretariat has taken a number of measures to preserve transport on the corridor: country information on the transport and border crossing conditions is available on the website at and regularly updated. 

At the same time, the experts developed and sent the Recommendations for ensuring freight transport under restrictions adopted in the countries of the corridor to the countrıes.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA