On 11 June 2020 the Meeting of the Permanent Representatives (National Secretaries) of the PS IGC TRACECA was held via web-conferencing


The Meeting was attended by the Permanent Representatives (National Secretaries), experts of the Parties to the MLA TRACECA and the staff of the Permanent Secretariat.

At the beginning of the Meeting the participants expressed their condolences in connection with the decease of Akif Mustafayev, National Secretary of TRACECA in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and held a moment of silence in memory of the departed.  

An exchange of views was held on the issues of principles, approaches and methodology of identifying the TRACECA routes, the proposed draft Agreement on a Single Transit Permit (STP) TRACECA, as well as on accession of the MLA Parties to the Agreement on the   Development of Multimodal Transport TRACECA.   

In particular, the National Secretaries voiced their provisional positions on the feasibility of streamlining the TRACECA transport routes scheme. The draft Methodology of identification and the list of TRACECA routes will be prepared by an Ad-Hoc Working Group.   
At the same time, the member states of the MLA TRACECA expressed their consent to the necessity to finalize the wording of the draft STP Agreement by the Ad-hoc Working Group which will start its activity no later than 1 July of the current year.  

The Meeting considered the amendments and additions to the existing Rules of Procedure of the IGC and the Statute of the PS IGC TRACECA proposed by the Permanent Secretariat.   
The Meeting participants emphasized that the regulatory documents need careful elaboration in the countries and agreed to make their remarks, amendments and comments within the coming 30 days. 

Within the framework of the Agenda the National Secretaries of TRACECA in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine informed that they make maximum efforts to speed up the internal procedures necessary to accede to the Agreement on the Development of Multimodal Transport TRACECA.  

The results of understandings reached in the format of the Final Recommendations were adopted during the Meeting and will be sent to the MLA TRACECA Parties for further execution.

Let us remind you, that presently the Republic of Azerbaijan is the current Chairman Party in the IGC TRACECA.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA