On 22 October 2018, in Baku, Azerbaijan upon the official invitation of Mr. Kudaibergenov, Secretary General of the International Association of Trans Caspian International Transport Route, TRACECA Secretary General participated to the General Meeting


The event of the TITR International Association was attended by the representatives from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Poland, members of the Association of TITR, partners as well as representatives from the Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA.

The General Meeting was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of TITR, Mr. Javid Gurbanov and Mr. Kudaibergenov, the Secretary General of IA TITR. 

Following the Agenda of the General Meeting the participants discussed the issues on the implementation plan for the transport of goods in containers on the TITR for 9 months of the current 2018 year, the approval of the terms of services in the carriage of goods and the introduction of the additional column in the table at the tariff rates.

Participants also exchanged the opinions on the determination of mutual liability between carriers and operators for the delivery of goods along the TITR.

The meeting also discussed new tariffs and considered issues of price adjustment to market conditions.

Within the meeting, logistics companies of Kazakhstan and Romania have joined the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. 

During his speech, Mr. Ciopraga emphasized that cargo-generating potential of the Asian-Pacific region countries should be aimed at using transit potential of the TRACECA corridor transport networks through the gates of Central Asia.

The transport infrastructure capacity in the TRACECA corridor makes it possible to satisfy all potentials of goods transportation in the East-West direction. As an EU interregional programme launched in 1993, TRACECA aimed to implement the performance of international traffic on the routes of the International Transport Corridor (ITC) TRACECA, including the Trans-Caspian direction at a more quality and high level.

In its turn, Mr. Kudaibergenov addressed to Mr. Ciopraga, as TRACECA Secretary General to boost the TITR initiative to the institutions of EU.

On the outcomes of the General Meeting the members of the TITR, representatives of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Azerbaijan Railways, Georgian Railways, Caspian Shipping Company, Aktau International Sea Commercial Port, Baku International Sea Trade Port, Batumi Sea Port, Turkish State Railways signed the Protocol of the General Meeting.

It should be noted that TITR is an initiative of the transport and logistics companies from China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey for the purposes of transport goods from China to Europe.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA