On 7-10 September 2011 in Antalya, Turkey, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA participated in BSEC-URTA Search Conference


The conference attended by Members of the Association of BSEC-URTA, Presidents of BSEC-URTA Union Founders, as well as representatives of the BSEC, UN Economic Commission for Europe, International Road Transport Union, Ministries of Transport of BSEC participating countries, Islamic Development Bank, World Bank and several private and public sectors stakeholders

BSEC-URTA Special Road Transport Search Conference has formulated a strategy of road transport in BSEC region for the next 10 years.

The strategy paid attention to issues such as macroeconomic and political reforms, free and fair competition against protectionism, road transport facilitation, road transport infrastructure and combined transportation, simplification of customs procedures at borders, sustainable development of road transport and mechanisms of implementation, positive communication and mutual collaboration.

One of the main advantages of such a private-public activities was to strengthen the dialogue between all stakeholders, as well as updated view for synergies and increasing unity among the participants and decision-makers, such as the founders of the BSEC-URTA, observers, the organization of BSEC and relating organization as well as relevant authorities.


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Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA