The Global Transit Document attracted the attention of the business community both in the Eurasian region and beyond


.On 13 October 2021, a High-Level International Round Table was held on the topic: “Global Transit Document and Digital Customs Transit Network: A New Stage in the Management of Global Supply Chains in International Trade”.

This event was organized jointly and with the support of UN OHRLLS, ICTD and TRACECA, and was held during the Second United Nations Global Conference on Sustainable Transport and with the participation of representatives of the business community, including MAERSK, TRADELENS, IBM, as well as UNECE and other stakeholders.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the need for digital transformation and exchange of experience in the development of new digital tools, including blockchain for the transit of multimodal transport corridors, based on the latest technological developments, standards and recommendations and in close cooperation with international organizations, governments, business communities in the field of trade, information technology and transport, in the OHRLLS countries and other regions.

The meeting was opened by Mr Courten Rattray, Deputy Secretary General, UN OHRLLS, as well as Igor Runov, ICTD Executive Secretary and Mr Asset Assavbaev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA.
During the meeting, presentations were made by panellists representing various stakeholders. The speakers of the meeting shared the latest achievements in the digitalization of multimodal transport corridors in Eurasia and leading global projects with the aim of digitalizing international multimodal transport.

The interactive dialogue with the audience followed the panel presentations.

“The TRACECA countries pay much attention to digitalization, which has recently been characterized by dynamic development and rapid penetration of information technologies. Being a multimodal corridor, it is important for us to ensure the maximum use of electronic transport documents, which in turn will facilitate the transportation process. It is in this context, with a view of further increasing the competitiveness of the corridor, the Permanent Secretariat has chosen the direction of digitalization of transportation as one of the key priorities of the activities of the Permanent Secretariat,” pointed out Mr Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General.

The meeting participants emphasized that through joint efforts, the Global Transit Document will contribute significantly to the development of modern digital technologies, further facilitation of trade and transportation.

Following the meeting, the participants pointed out the need to strengthen the dialogue with the support of the interested countries in order to take practical steps to implement pilot projects, the results of which will be positively assessed by both carriers and operators in the Eurasian region and beyond.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA