TRACECA and Crans Montana Forum: on the way to strengthen economic ties of cooperation


For over 30 years, the Crans Montana Forum has been a unique platform for meetings and gatherings on the senior executives level.

The Crans Montana Forum on Africa and South-South Cooperation was held in Dakhla from March 15 to 20, 2018.

Dakhla has definitively made the demonstration of being the laboratory for Africa’s future and an extraordinary success with the participation of over 2000 participants, representing more than 150 countries. The event was marked by a Royal message expressing Morocco’s commitment to a truly innovative South-South cooperation model based on the exchange of knowledge, skills, expertise and resources.

Once again, this Forum brought together The Crans Montana Forum is attended by former Heads of State and government, ministers, presidents of parliaments, policymakers, MPs and international experts. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was among the guests of Dakhla.

The Forum opened an in-depth debate on the huge potential arising from South-South Cooperation, the structuring role of the region for the 21st Century. 

Among the raised topics for discussion were new prospects opened by South-South Cooperation, Integrated transport corridors that represent today's main challenge, the issues of landlocked countries that needs modern means of transportation and efficient port services.

Within the statement, Mr. Ciopraga shared the TRACECA experience regarding the international transport connections, latest plans and projects within its regional cooperation and its further introduction.

Specifically, within the framework of developing the Concept “Motorways of the Sea” between the ports of the North and South Mediterranean Mr. Ciopraga noted the positive experience of Turkish colleagues actively working in this dimension and particularly in the organization of a regular Ro-Ro communication with the ports of North Africa, as well as with a number of Near-Eastern countries.

TRACECA countries are prepared for cooperation with the ports of the African continent interested in the improvement of trade-economic relations in the Eurasian region, and the Crans-Montana Forum may serve an effective platform for the development of cooperation in the Asia-African connection.

During the bilateral meetings of Mr. Ciopraga, the details on the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between TRACECA and Crans Montana Forum has been raised and discussed. 



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA