TRACECA-CAREC mutual cooperation initiative is a catalyst for development of transport dialogue in the region


On December 7, 2021, during the meeting of TRACECA and CAREC representatives, prospects for corridors’ development and possible joint projects were discussed.

The agenda of the meeting confirmed the need for close cooperation between both organizations in order to achieve one common goal - to increase transit cargo flow and competitiveness of the region.

The TRACECA Secretary General informed the participants about current activities, projects and initiatives. During the meeting, issues of containerization of transport, digitalization of the corridor, including the introduction of electronic transport documents, as well as improvement of border crossing procedures, determination of competitive tariffs and preferential conditions, harmonization of legislation, etc. were also discussed.

During an exchange of views, the participants of the meeting noted the ADB's intention to invest in logistics centres in the CAREC region connecting several modes of transport, and the importance of addressing issues related to corridors’ bottlenecks.

In addition, the Parties discussed the joint work possibilities on assessing the checkpoints’ activities, deepening cooperation in the field of customs clearance, as well as the possibility of jointly presenting TRACECA and CAREC routes for logistics companies and carriers of the PRC.

On the outcomes of the exchange of views, an agreement was reached to hold an additional meeting at the expert level between TRACECA and CAREC to promote various joint projects in such areas as digitalization, training and professional development, border crossing procedures and environmental protection.

This, in its turn, will allow to effectively develop trade and economic relations, including Euro-Asian transport links.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA