Management Initiative Workshop 4



The workshop is part of overall Management initiative consisting of 4 workshops.


The workshops aim was provide support to the different levels of the Civil Aviation Authorities Management in order to refresh their skills and cultural understanding of the overall management system in civil aviation as well as to strengthen their management capabilities by application of modern management tools.


The aim of this workshop was to enhance the understanding of common management and leadership techniques for use by technical leaders in aviation regulatory domain as well as to inform technical leaders in regulatory aviation domains of the direction of evolution of oversight rules and risk and hazard management.


The Agency prepared, the following tentative working sessions, with topics as described:


Regulatory Structures and Regimes

·         The world leading civil aviation regulators’ – their approaches, methodologies and assumptions

·         Capabilities and domains within Authorities

·         State Safety Planning and the expectations of the International Community

·         Authority Independence and the powers of inspectors

·         Compliance vs Safety Management Systems

·         What the travelling public thinks

Rules and Policy- Making

·         Primary and Secondary Laws

·         Responsibility for interpretation

·         The Documented Systems and de facto Systems (what it says vs what it means)

·         Policy Life-Cycles

·         Capabilities of policy makers

·         Managing policy making resources


·         The life-cycle of the approved organisation

·         Oversight Styles - Moving between styles

·         Adding value by regulating

·         Enforcement and punitive action

·         Audit, Inspection and Investigation

·         Managing oversight resources

Analysis and Strategy

·         Sourcing safety data and the power of the Just Culture.

·         Identifying Stakeholders and forging relationships with them

·         Strategic and Tactical models

·         Pursuing Strategic intent

·         Mechanisms for Strategy formation


·         Business and Safety Risks

·         Risk assessment and analysis

·         Risk for managers

·         Risk appetite

Leadership In Regulators

·         Cultures in Nations, Domains and Organisations

·         Leadership in world Authorities

·         Technical vs managerial capability

·         Listening powerfully

·         Engaging your seniors

·         Engaging with other domains

·         Leading mixed teams

Knowledge Management and Safety Collaboration

·         Recording Information

·         Accessing Information

·         Assessing Information

·         Total system hazards

·         Project Management in regulators


·         LANGUAGE:

The workshops was delivered in English language with consecutive translation to Russian.



The consolidated target group consisted of technical leaders in various domains.


TRACECA Technical Assistance Projects